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Faith Formation

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Children and Youth Faith Formation 

The Curriculum used for grades 1-5 at the Cathedral of St. Helena is the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press. Our catechist teach about all aspects of the Catholic life including the sacraments, the liturgy, the Saints, holiness, and more. We encourage parents to talk to their kids about what they learned each week to reinforce and deepen their understanding and relationship to Jesus Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. 

“The Faith and Life Third Edition series presents Catholic teaching using the time-tested ecclesial methodology and spiral development of catechesis, in a beautiful, student-friendly, comprehensive format.” (Faith and Life Website)

Youth faith formation classes are planned by Deacon Bob Fishman for middle school, and Fr. Ned Scheidecker for High school. With the help of adult volunteers, youth Faith Formation involves growing in their relationship with Christ, and making fertile ground for a relationship Jesus Christ to flourish. 

Parents, please remember:

“Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2226)

Click the links below if you are interested in registering your child for faith formation classes at the Cathedral and St. Helena. If you have further questions please call the Cathedral and ask for Briana Morgan or Deacon Bob Fishman 406-442-5825. If you would like to know more about high school faith formation classes, please call the Cathedral Office and ask for Fr. Ned Scheidecker.  



Faith Formation Schedule 2019-2020

All Age Registration Form

Catechist Registration Form



The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, commonly called the R.C.I.A. program, is a wonderful and powerful journey that takes people who may have been raised in other faiths, or have never completed their Catholic initiation through a program designed to bring them into the fullness and richness of the Catholic Church. Please Click the RCIA tab for more information.

Bible studies happen periodically throughout the fall, winter, and spring. These bible studies include video presentations, scripture, and catechism reading from respected Catholic Theologians. For information on current bible studies at the Cathedral please click the Bible Study tab under Adults, or call the Cathedral office and ask for Kathy Surbrugg at 442-5825. 



Last year, Vacation Bible Camp was June 10-14, 2019. Three Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist visited and taught classes. Check back around May to see our next years plans for Vacation Bible School. 

Mass Schedule