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Easter Sunday - Year B

Happy Easter! Our Lord has risen! What a great day this is. Our blessed Lord Jesus has triumphed over our greatest fear, the fear of death. Throughout all of time, man has feared death. It was the great unknown, and because of that it became our greatest fear. I can remember thinking about some petty problem and then realizing that it is “not a matter of life and death” don’t worry so much.

Think about this, in the Passover story, the angel of death was about to descend on Egypt. The Jewish people had to do three things for the Angel to “Passover” their home. First, they had to kill a male lamb, with no broken bones or blemishes on it. Second, they had to drain its blood into a bucket and take a Hyssop branch to spread the blood on their doorposts. Finally, the third thing they had to do was eat the lamb.

Now think about our Lord Jesus. St. John calls Him the “Lamb of God”. Why? Because a lamb of man only covers over the sins of a family. You needed the Lamb of God to cover the sins of the whole world. Remember the three things the people of God had to do…First they had to kill the lamb…Take a look at a crucifix…The Lamb of God was slain. Then His blood was spread on the beams of the cross. Finally our Lord gives us His body, blood, soul and divinity in His Eucharistic Presence so that we could eat the Lamb.

See the connection?! As If that wasn’t enough Jesus rises from the dead just as He said he would, and man’s greatest fear has been vanquished in resurrection glory. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is raised from the dead. This means we will be raised too! How cool is that! This day ask our Lord to fill you with His resurrection power and transform your heart, for death has lost its sting forever. Happy Easter and may God richly bless you always!

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