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Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Often times I encourage people to underline key passages in their bibles. This week is no exception. St. John chapter 6 is an incredible passage on the Eucharist. It is important for us as “On Fire Catholics” to know these sections so as to share with others the beliefs of our great Faith. There were some who asked if I could mention it in this week’s Word about the word. So there you go…This passage is very profound and beautiful and that is why I get so excited about it. When beginning to dive into the mystery of our Lord and the Real presence contained in the Eucharist, one cannot help but get excited. So as we go into this great chapter of scripture together, let us ask God to allow us to experience the Mass like never before.

Now onto the readings: As I mentioned above, this week’s readings are about the most wonderful and blessed Eucharist. In Exodus, the people are grumbling because they have no bread and long to return to Egypt. Moses could take the people out of Egypt, but could not take the Egypt out of the people. The Lord answers their prayers with Manna from Heaven.

In the Gospel, our Lord Jesus refers to this but then takes it to a new level by proclaiming Himself the true bread from Heaven. Often times we do not realize what we are receiving when we go up for communion. We are entering into a profound and glorious mystery as we receive our Lord’s body, blood, soul and divinity veiled behind the appearances of bread and wine. As we present ourselves with our own body and blood and spirit to Him, He gives us His. The result is a co-mmunion that is intimate and personal. The Lord’s Eucharistic presence becomes one with you. It is a very wonderful and holy moment with the one who made you.

So, this week as you receive communion, think about who it is you are receiving and with your entire being receive the profound kiss from God especially for you in the Eucharist, and allow the love of our Blessed Lord to become part of you so that you can bring it forth to this hurting world, for simply put, God is Love. So let’s take it out of the pews and into the streets! Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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