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Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

This week’s readings seem to have the essence of springtime running through them. In our first reading from Ezekiel we hear about trees and birds and God using us to grow tall and strong in the Lord.

Recently Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have told the Church at large that we need to focus on the “New Evangelization” and to share our Faith with others. For some this is not an easy task. People often feel inadequate or unprepared, or they think that they must be able to quote Genesis to Revelation. St. Paul reminds us in the second reading that we need to be courageous and yearn for our heavenly home with the Lord. Do not be afraid.

Finally our blessed Lord Jesus tells us to scatter seed, and watch it grow. All of these readings tie together in a beautiful statement about evangelizing. I always encourage people to learn about their Faith. It is hard to share what you do not know. We live in the information age. There are hundreds of good Catholic websites to visit. We should all have some of these as favorites on our computers. Most have “Q and A” sections and you can see what others have asked or ask a question yourself. Of course I encourage people to read Sacred Scripture, especially the Gospels for they contain the words of God almighty Himself. You can’t get better than that.

Our Church also has a Catechism. This is a great tool with an amazing index in the back so that you can look up any subject you want and see exactly what the Church believes and teaches on that subject. It is time to blow off the dust on these things and get serious about our Faith. No more namby pamby Catholicism. We need to pump up our Spiritual muscles and scatter new fresh seed to give sustenance to a very parched and hungry world.

We may not always see the fruits of our labor. Remember the story of St. Monica. She cried and prayed for her rebellious son for thirty years. Finally he came into the Church and became one of the greatest Saints and Doctors of the Faith we have ever had. His name was St. Augustine. So this week, add a new Catholic web site to your computer. Read a section of the Gospels and pick up your seeds and start PLANTING. Who knows, you just might see the fruit of another St. Augustine right in your own family! Something to think about, may God richly bless you always!

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