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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A Word about the Word

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Have you ever told someone that they “need to change their attitude”? Perhaps you know someone who needs an attitude adjustment. My parents were very good at adjusting my attitude, usually with a quick zets in my tookas (In English that is a swat on the fanny). The reason I bring this up is because this week’s readings cover attitudes that all of us should have. They are the Be-Attitudes, and they were given to us by our Lord Jesus to help us to go deeper in our relationship with each other. If you study the beatitudes you will find a wealth of blessings and insights. In our first reading Zephaniah tells us of a place for rest and refuge in the name of the Lord. This is a prophecy about the Church. St. Paul tells the Corinthians how truly blessed all of us are to be called Christians and that God chose the lowly and despised to be part of His Church. Now we get to the Beatitudes in the Gospel of St. Matthew. Think about this: All of the Beatitudes are fulfilled in the Church and at Mass. The poor in spirit get blessed. Those who mourn are comforted. Those who hunger and thirst are fed. The merciful are treated with mercy and the clean of heart will see God. All of these wonderful teachings are answered in the Church that Jesus Christ started. Every time we go to Mass and enter in to the Sacraments we can receive these powerful blessings. If only we would be open to them. So, this week take some time and really read the Beatitudes. Then read them again slowly. Once done, look to see their fulfillment at Mass and perhaps you too will have an attitude adjustment from and attitude to a Be-Attitude and may God richly bless you always….

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