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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

This week’s readings have to do with light, and letting your light shine.  In our first reading from Isaiah we learn that our light will shine when we feed the hungry and help the poor.  This shows us that it is not only theology that we need to know, but we also must be involved in social justice and in helping people.  One of the things I loved about Pope Francis early on in his Pontificate was the way he presented the Church’s teachings on Social Justice by actually doing them to people while under the scrutiny of the secular media.  I loved watching the response of the media.  In a world lacking good positive news stories, suddenly there is a picture of the Pope hugging a poor disfigured man, or kissing a baby or simply touching those who feel like outcasts.  This is what the Church has always strived to do, and it does us good to see the Shepherd of our Church reminding us all of the simplicity of the love of Christ Jesus contained in a heart filled hug. 

St. Paul reminds the Corinthians that he did not come with great wisdom, but simply preaching about Jesus and Him crucified.  Finally, our Blessed Lord tells us that we should not hide our light but to let it shine forth.  We are the salt of the Earth; we need to give spice and flavor to those stuck in the blandness of sin.  Some people think that Catholics work their way to heaven and believe all you need is faith alone.  This is untrue, it is not either faith or works, but it is both faith and works.  Our Faith will lead us to do acts of charity and help us to share the Gospel by telling people what God has done in our own lives.  You don’t need to memorize Genesis to Revelation, all you need to do is share what God has done for you. 

Share what you love about being Catholic.  Perhaps it’s the Mass or the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Maybe it is the Eucharist or music, the tradition and beautiful liturgies of our Faith, whatever it is share that which you know, and you will bring souls to Christ.  Try it.  This week let your light shine.  Maybe invite someone to Church with you.  Remember, your own journey is part of the light Jesus speaks of, so share it with others and shine on!  May God richly bless you always…

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