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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

In our Catholic journey on this Earth, there are mountain top experiences, and there are also deep valley experiences. Often times the closer we draw to God, the more we realize our unworthiness and even our own sinfulness. It is like walking into a very dark room that has a shaft of sunlight coming through the window. As we approach the light we begin to see all the little particles of dust floating in it. The reason I write all this is because of today’s readings.

The scriptures are filled with real people trying to live holy lives, but it is not easy. In our first reading from the great prophet Isaiah, we learn that even this man of God felt inadequate as he began to understand and contemplate God’s holiness. However he does not stop there, instead he tells God “send me…” In our second reading, St. Paul recounts his own encounter with Christ and looking back on his past he feels like the least of all to be called an Apostle. However he too does not get stuck in self degradation or pity, instead he accepts his past and moves forward. We could learn a lot from this passage as often we continue to carry around our past hurts and refuse to let them go.

That is why the Sacrament of Reconciliation is so important. You can leave the baggage at the confessional. We all need to do that. Haven’t you been carrying it around long enough? Finally we have the Gospel. Here St. Peter who has spent the night fishing and has caught nothing is told to go out one last time and drop his nets. Upon doing this his nets are filled to bursting and he feels unworthy in front of the Lord. Sometimes God will show us that we need to place our security in His arms. Even in our day to day occupations we need to give them to God so His Will can be done in our lives. It is not easy. We like to be in control. So this week, try letting go and drawing close to our Lord in prayer. Look for the specks of sin and be not afraid to leave them at the confessional. Realize that none of us are truly worthy, but don’t get stuck there. Instead give your entire mind, heart, soul and even your job to God, and watch to see how many fish you will have in your nets! Here am I Lord, send me… Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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