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Fifth Sunday of Easter - A Word about the Word

Have you ever wished that you had the knowledge to share the Faith in a way that you knew would touch people? All of us have felt inadequate at one point or another or felt that we didn’t know what to say or when to say it. If you can relate to these statements, then today’s readings are just for you. In the first reading, the early Church is growing and as the book of Acts tells us, it is not easy. The Church faced many tribulations and persecutions and they had to trust in God completely. So what did they do? They shared their stories with each other. This helped them to lift each other up and tell of the wonders that God had worked in their own lives. We need to take a lesson from this. Many Catholics believe that if they don’t know how to quote Genesis to Revelation, then they cannot share the Faith. This friend is a lie from the devil. I guarantee that you will win more souls for Christ by sharing your own story. What I mean by that is to share with people what God has done in your own life. Speak of all that He has brought you through, the good times and the bad times, the trials and the tribulations and give Him the glory. This will touch more people than quoting scripture. This does not mean that we should not learn scripture passages by heart, we definitely should. However, sometimes relating to people on a heart level is just as important. Also, share with people what you love about being Catholic. Is it the Mass? Or Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, perhaps it’s the Virgin Mary. Be not afraid to share your stories with your friends and even your children. They need to know these things as much as they need to know Scripture. So this week, let’s do what the Apostles did and share what God has done for us with someone else, love people as God loves you and love your neighbor as well, and it just might lead them to heaven… May God richly bless you always…

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