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Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year B

This week’s readings are absolutely beautiful. In our first reading, the great prophet Samuel records how King David realized that he was living in luxury, while the ark of God was dwelling in a tent. He longed to build a house for the ark of God. The prophet Nathan tells David that God will be with him always and the Messiah will come from his line. This is very cool!

King David is revered as the greatest leader Israel ever had, and now the promised redeemer will come from his lineage. St. Paul catches on to this thought as he tells the Romans that what had been kept secret for so long has now come to pass in Jesus.

Do we ever think about that? When we hear the Word proclaimed at every Mass, does it go in one ear and out the other? Do we take time to consider the incredible revelations of our Lord? What had been hidden for centuries we have been privy too. Does it matter to you as you hear the readings each week?

Finally, we have the Gospel of St. Luke. This passage from the first chapter should be highlighted and underlined in every ones bible. Yes, you have my permission to write in your bibles. Make them your own and not just a pretty book on a shelf.

In this reading, for the first time in all of human history, an angel salutes a human being by saying “Hail full of grace”. In all other encounters with angels it is the human who falls down and worships God’s heavenly messenger. Not here. Mary is told that she will be the one that will be over shadowed by the Holy Spirit and the long awaited Messiah will come through her!

However, God is a gentleman and never forces Himself on anyone. Mary had a choice and in words that echo through all of eternity she says “let it be done unto me”. This is her great “Fiat” or thy will be done. Her yes made it possible for God to take on flesh and dwell among us. It was her flesh He took on. Jesus had Mary’s D.N.A.! Because of her yes all of Christianity became possible.

So this week, take some time and offer up a rosary or a few Hail Mary’s for someone and think about the fact that God did not reveal these great things to the learned people, but in a simple, profound and mysterious way He revealed Himself to all of us, and continues to do so at every Mass. How truly blessed we are to partake in these joyful mysteries. Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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