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Fourth Sunday of Easter - Year A

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In the first reading from Acts, we are told point-blank that there is no other name but the of Jesus by which we can be saved.  We must repent and be baptized into this name - Jesus Christ - for our sins to be forgiven. Why, because there is power in the name itself.  Power to heal, and to teach, to bless, and to love.  It is by that name of Jesus, by which God took on flesh and dwelt among us so that we in turn could be raised up with Him.

In the Gospel of St. John our Lord tells us that He knows each one of us and we have been called to follow Him as our Shepherd.  It is interesting to note that when Shepherd’s watch over their sheep they learn their reactions and habits and develop a close relationship so that as the Shepherd signals the sheep, they know His voice and obey accordingly.  Our Lord uses this analogy to show us that even if we run away from the flock; He will come searching for us.  He loves you, He really does.  Here is something to think on.  Almost one quarter of the U.S. population is Catholic.  If we as a group agreed to no longer support T.V. shows or movies or music that made fun of our Lord or used His name or image in jest, we could change the face of media overnight. 

So this week take some time and think about this Name above all others.  The name of your God and Friend, the name so often miss-used, as a swear word, and ask God to give you a new respect for the blessed, holy and wonderful name by which all may be saved.  That Name is Jesus Christ, your Lord and your friend.  Let’s stick up and protect Him as He has protected us. Let us be careful what we watch and listen too as not to offend the one who loves us. Something to think on! May God richly bless you always.

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