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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

Every once in a while our glorious Church gives us readings that are absolute gold mines of wealth in spirituality.  This week we are given such readings.  In our first reading the great prophet Elijah has been told by God that He will be passing by.  As Elijah waits, there is a strong wind, and an earthquake and even fire, yet God is not in any of these.  Instead, in a still small voice Elijah knew the Lord was there.  In my own life, I too have wanted God to let me know for sure He was there.  I wanted signs.  Perhaps a voice to ring down that sounded like Charlton Heston.  Maybe the skies would part or some spectacular miracle, and then I would know for sure that God was real and I would follow Him.  I even once asked God to make the lamp shade move or have the lights flicker, something to let me know for sure that He was there.  St. Paul reminds the Romans of all that God did for the Israelites, the glory, the prophets, the commandments etc.  even giving them the Christ. 

Finally, the Gospel reading is about Jesus and Peter walking on the water.  The greatest part of this story to me is not that Peter was able to walk on the water, but that he took the first step out of the boat.  He had the guts, the intestinal fortitude if you will to put his foot over the side.  That to me is true Faith.  We need to listen for that still small voice and not set out to do huge, fantastic, and monumental projects for the Lord.  It is in the small, the ordinary, and the day to day little things in which we will encounter God.  We need to be like Peter and be willing to take that first step over the side in whatever we do.  Mother Theresa had a saying “Don’t set out to do great things for God.  Instead, do little things with great love”.  So this week, don’t look for signs and wonders or grandiose projects.  Instead focus on the small voice, the ordinary tasks and the courage to be not afraid to step over the side of the boats in our own lives.  It is in these things in which we will truly hear the voice of God.  Are you listening?  Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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