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Palm Sunday - Year C

Today is one of my favorite days of the whole year. It is Palm Sunday, and that means that Holy week is about to start. Yeah Baby! I can feel the excitement in the air as Resurrection glory waits just around the corner. However, In order to rejoice in the Resurrection, we all have to journey through the Crucifixion and Passion of our Lord. It is not easy as we reflect on our own sins and on the Love that God Almighty had for us by taking on flesh and dwelling among us. Now we watch as our Lord Jesus is scourged and beaten and crucified to rescue us from our sinful selves.

Here is something else to ponder. Did you know that there are over 300 prophecies about Jesus or the Messianic era in the Old Testament? These were written hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. Why is that important? No other world religious leader ever had any prophecies written about them prior to their existence. There are no prophecies about Mohammad, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates or Plato written before they were born. None, zero, zilch, bubkiss. There are over 300 about Jesus. That is a wow factor. The reason I bring this up is that Palm Sunday was actually the fulfillment of one of those prophecies.

In a book in the Old Testament are the writings of the prophet Isaiah. In his prophecy, he sees the Lord getting spit upon and ridiculed. Even His beard is being pulled as He is mocked and beaten. Imagine God who became man to teach us how to get to Heaven, and this is how we treat Him. The Passion of our Lord is something we should meditate on often, because it shows us just how much our God cares for us and loves us. No matter what suffering we endure, He knows what it is like to be hurt and wounded by those He loved. So this week as we shout “Hosanna”, think about how great a love God has for you that He would send His only begotten Son to suffer and die for us that we may attain everlasting life. Perhaps we could read some of those scriptures and do some meditating? Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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