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Second Sunday in Lent - A Word about the Word

Have you ever had a mountain-top experience with God? I’m not talking about climbing Mount Helena; I am speaking of our spiritual ascent to God. A prayer experience where for one brief instant, you received a peace that surpassed all of your understanding. Something that words simply cannot describe. This week’s readings are about precisely that. In our first reading, Abram, {not yet Abraham}, is told by God that his descendants will become a great nation and that his name will become a blessing. This prophecy has been fulfilled as Abraham is known as the father of three major world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Our second reading we have St. Paul telling his friend Timothy to remember that he is called to be Holy and to trust in the grace of our Lord Jesus who conquered death for us. Finally, the ultimate Mountain top experience as our Lord brings Peter, James and John to the mountain top and they experience the awesome divinity of our Lord as He transfigures right before their eyes! As if this wasn’t enough, Elijah and Moses appear with Him. Most theologians believe that Moses represented the law, and Elijah represented the prophets, and our Lord Jesus is the fulfillment of both. Try putting that experience into words. In our own lives, we will experience peaks and valleys in the spiritual life. However, once in a great while, God will share with your soul a unique mountain-top experience. It may only last a few seconds, but it will change you and possibly leave you speechless. As we journey together this lent think about how you have grown in Christ. Try to dedicate more time to prayer. Perhaps start a prayer journal outlining what God has already brought you through, and then years from now, you can look back and see the transforming power of God in your own life. Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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