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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

This week’s readings are a literal goldmine of things to meditate and contemplate on. Let me give you one for starters. In our first reading from Isaiah God tells the great Prophet that we are called by God “ My Delight” further on he says that God will refer to us as His bride. Do we ever think about this? By virtue of our baptism, we are a part of the bride of Christ. What is even better is that Christ Himself is the bridegroom. This is something to truly think about and ponder. We have all been to weddings before, and when you can see the love that the Bridegroom has for his Bride and the same for the Bride loving her Bridegroom, then you get a glimpse of how God looks at us. What a wonderful concept to meditate on.

In this week’s Gospel, we have the wedding feast of Cana. It’s interesting to note that we are never told who the bride or the groom is. St. John tells us that this is the first miracle our Lord did publicly. It also recounts the last words recorded in scripture from our Lord’s Mom, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She simply states “do whatever He tells you”. This too is another gem to think about. Do we as Christians do what Christ tells us? I don’t know about you, but more often than not I tend to do what I want to do or think is best, rather than turning to Jesus in prayer. One thing we should tell ourselves over and over is that God really does love us. We are His bride, and like any worthy Husband, He would lay down His life for the bride He loves. And so He did. These are more than just nice theological concepts or pie in the sky ideas. This is all about love.

Of course we have made mistakes and sin can drive a wedge in our relationship, yet even with that being said, our Lord provides the Sacrament of Reconciliation for us to get right with Him again. In our modern world, we have wedding planners, reservations, decorations, photographers, food and all types of problems which could arise at a wedding. This week, forget all of that and instead think about you as the bride of Christ who is loved beyond compare in a mystical and profound way by your bridegroom, and then while in the stillness of your soul, in the Sacred Scriptures and in the richness and beauty of His bride the Church, you will hear His voice. Simply do whatever He tells you…May God richly bless you always…

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