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Sixth Sunday of Easter - Year B

This week’s readings are a cornucopia of great things. In the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we see the fulfillment of many prophecies from the Old Testament which stated that the Gentiles (those who were not Jewish) would be gathered into God’s people as well and that His Spirit would be poured out on them. Here we see just that happening as the early Church grows and spreads throughout the world. How cool is that?! Prophecies written hundreds of years before coming to pass!

In the second reading from John’s first letter, we are told something profound. Namely, that God loves us. Not only does He love us, but He Himself is actually Love. God is love. This is incredible to think about. God had been called many things: Creator, King, Righteous Judge, Father, Lord of lords etc. But here St. John takes us to the very essence of God and tells us that God is love, and that He loves us. For some, this is hard to take as we all have been wounded and hurt by someone we may have loved, and thus we build walls up around our hearts and we become somewhat jaded to the idea that God could really love us. Yet He does love us. So much so that He took on flesh and died for you and me. It is not just a bumper sticker.

Now, this incredible “love” even humbles Himself further behind the appearances of bread and wine so that we could give Him our flesh and blood and He gives us His in a beautiful, holy and mystical way. We are His children flesh and blood. Finally in the Gospel, our blessed Lord Jesus gives us another interesting gem of spirituality. He tells us that He chose us first. Imagine that. He chose you, and that is why you are reading these words and have just attended Mass. Because He chose you, and not only that, He calls you His friend. You are the friend of the creator of the universe. He wants to hang out, if you will, with you! God is not some “pie in the sky” religious concept; He is intimate, personal and love itself.

So this week let’s try to break down the walls around our hearts and be open to the God who knows you, who chose you and who really truly loves you and calls you friend. Something to think on…May God richly bless you always…

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