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The Catholic Corner - Catholic Youth Coalition (CYC)

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Our mission is to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with young people.

Something that keeps Montana's young people interconnected amidst miles of terrain and various landscapes is the Catholic Youth Coalition board (CYC). This group consists of high school students from all over the Diocese of Helena who come together six or so times during the year to plan the High School Convention and other ministry-related opportunities for youth.

The expectation is that these individuals are leaders in their parishes first, then a CYC board member. The goal of the CYC Board is to help reach all corners of the Diocese, even those without youth ministers by helping form young people in their faith, giving them a larger Catholic family to lean on and pray with, and giving them tools to evangelize others where they are.

The board itself functions to create and promote the yearly theme for the high school convention and other events in the diocese. The positions on the board include President, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Communications, and Vice President of Operations. These are big responsibilities to take on and the individuals who are considered for this position are encouraged to reflect on themselves if they are ready, open, willing, and able to take on these duties. The remaining Board members are volunteers that assist in creating, marketing, praying for, and leading their fellow peers in retreats, conventions, youth group activities, and service in their local parishes.

Some of the events that are planned and put on by the CYC Board are...

  • The Catholic Youth Coalition Convention

  • Junior High Rally

  • CYC Kickball Tournament

  • Advent Light Fight

The cost to join the CYC Board is $300 per youth which covers food and housing, supplies and materials for four-weekend retreats. There are scholarships available as well for youth who are interested in joining but may need financial assistance. Registration is handled through your local parish.

Being a part of the CYC Board is a wonderful and potentially life-changing experience that many of our youth have spoken very highly of and met some lifelong friends. If you have a youth or would like to volunteer to help contact Kevin Molm at

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