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The Catholic Corner - KNEH 97.3 FM -Helena's Catholic Radio

~Keeping you updated and informed on Helena's Catholic Organization~

Our Mission: Bringing Christ to the World through the Mediaz

KNEH is a local affiliate of Relevant Radio, having served in that capacity for over 15 years. Relevant Radio originates in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is ranked as the number one English-speaking Catholic social media platform. There are currently over 190 Relevant Radio stations coast to coast in the United States with a weekly radio listening audience of over a million persons listening, on average, for over four hours per week. In addition, it maintains an international audience who are able to access the programming through the internet.

The strength of Relevant Radio lies in the unique content they have developed through the years. Their programs are among the longest-running broadcasts in all of Catholic media, which include Morning Air, The Drew Mariani Show, and of course, Patrick Madrid, who was the guest speaker at our KNEH Banquet in Helena this past spring. KNEH is proud to be an affiliate of Relevant Radio.

Later this year, KNEH will be launching its first locally-produced program called Montana Pilgrims, featuring interviews with a variety of Catholics about their faith journeys. KNEH also airs more than 30 different local announcements every day related to parish life, Carroll College, Catholic organizations, and events in and around Helena.

To give you an idea as to how important Catholic radio is in bringing Christ to the world, consider these statistics from a survey of Relevant Radio listeners:

  • 31% have returned to the Church because of Relevant Radio programming.

  • 69% are better able to teach their children the Truths of the Catholic faith.

  • 94% say they are more spiritually engaged and inspired.

  • 83% said they’ve learned a great deal about their faith.

  • 47% attend Mass more regularly.

KNEH is a non-profit radio station and is 100% listener supported. We have various ways you can contribute, including adopting a day of programming for your special event or in memory of a loved one. We also have a business sponsorship program. For questions, contact Rose Casey 406-410-0968 and/or visit our website at to sign up for our newsletter. And thanks for listening to KNEH 97.3 FM.

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