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The Catholic Corner - Resurrection Cemetery

~Keeping you informed & updated on Helena Catholic organizations ~

Resurrection Cemetery was founded in 1908 because of the abandonment and closing of the previous Catholic cemetery in Helena. It adopted some of the names and tombs of the previous cemetery and been improved over the years to become a resting ground noted for its beauty and the architecture of certain headstones. Perhaps most notably buried at the cemetery is Thomas Cruse, who funded at least one-third of the costs for our very own Cathedral of Saint Helena. His family mausoleum stands large and grand at the center of Resurrection.

Beyond its historical significance, Resurrection Cemetery is devoted to following the Catholic mission of ensuring that "the deceased are treated in accordance with the Rite of Committal/Burial per the Norms of the Catholic Church and the Order of Christian Funerals( The cemetery is directed by the Resurrection Cemetery Association to ensure the facility is operated in accordance with Diocesan and wider Church directives and remains respectful of families and their loved ones.

Even if one is not Catholic, a loved one's dying wish may have a burial in accordance with Catholic norms and committal rites -- Resurrection Cemetery is ready and able to help families to honor such wishes. Some of the services offered by Resurrection Cemetery include:

  • Full Casket Burial

  • Burial Plots

  • Columbarium (for cremains)

  • Providing Financing for All Situations

  • Family Mausoleums and Small Estates

  • Memorials (Headstones) Sales and Installation

  • Clergy Coordination

The employees of Resurrection Cemetery work hard to uphold all these and other services in a way that is true to the teachings of the Catholic faith and Christian burial rites. If you or a loved one are looking for guidance or counsel with after-death care or ministry or wish to make pre-arrangements, please contact Resurrection Cemetery by email at or by phone at 406-494-3812.

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