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The Catholic Corner - St. Andrew School

St. Andrew School is a private Catholic school that offers a classical education built on the Catholic faith, academic excellence, and community. The school was founded by Mrs. Terry Rose along with a small group of Catholic laity in 1996. It is an independent institution, not affiliated with the Diocese of Helena (i.e., not a diocesan school). All funding for the school comes from donations and tuition.

The school's motto is Vitam Impedere Vero or “Hang Your Life on the Truth.” The classical approach applied at the school is focused on teaching students “How to Think versus What to Think.” Students take courses in logic and rhetoric, as well as all the core subjects, arts, and religious studies.

The school offers education from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The school prides itself in creating "virtuous citizens, enthusiastic Catholics, resourceful learners, and open witnesses." The institution is open to all, whether religiously associated or not, but does ask that all students engage in different aspects of learning about the Catholic faith. St. Andrew strives to encourage its students in advancing in their faith journey by engaging in retreats, focused on forming students in community and faith. Students go to Mass regularly and are active participants in engaging in the richness of the Catholic Faith. If you or someone you know is interested in an education that is Christ-centered, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, and follows the route of truth and morality in all its aspects, call the school at (406) 449-3201 or schedule a visit at 1900 Flowerree St, Helena, MT 59601, United States.

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