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The Catholic Corner - The Foundation

The Foundation exists for the future of our faith. We raise funds so that your children, your grandchildren and generations beyond have the opportunity to know Christ our Savior.

Did you know . . .

· The Foundation manages 160 endowments with one established for every parish and mission in our diocese.

· There are ways to donate money that not only help the recipient of the gift, but the donor, too, with tax savings, estate planning and through the pure joy of giving to help others.

· You can donate online, give stock (save on capital gains!), write a check, make a planned gift, donate property, grain, livestock and more.

· The Foundation has given more than $1 million in grants to parishes and ministries since 2007.

· The Foundation for the Diocese of Helena is a separate business entity from the Diocese itself, established as a 501(c)(3) to support the people, parishes, ministries and apostolic mission of the Diocese of Helena.

For more information about the work of the Foundation and how you can be a part of our ministry, contact Executive Director, Dan Thies,

406-389-7051 or

Christ gave US his very life! The Foundation asks for YOUR support so that our faith may be perpetuated for generations of Catholics to come.

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