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The Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time- A Word About the Word


At different times in our lives, we may take some time and reflect on just how our lives have been. I know when I reached thirty, forty, and then fifty years old I looked back at the different phases of my life. There is a line from a Tom Petty song that says “some days are diamonds…and some days are rocks…” In my own life, I noticed things didn’t go exactly as I had planned, yet those years and times helped shape and mold me into who I am today. When we think of our work and our jobs or careers, it is important to note that our work is just what we do, and not necessarily who we are. We are much more than just a worker. I tell you all of this because this week’s readings help us to examine our lives. In our first reading from Ecclesiastes, the wise Solomon is reflecting on how man toils all his life and for what? What does it profit a man to work his whole life and only accumulate possessions that one day will be passed away or sold at a yard sale? Without God in our lives, we are not fulfilling what we were destined to be. We were not made to simply be a worker and toil away, we were created as a child of God, and as such, we need to store up heavenly things that are eternal. We need to feed our souls with the riches and the graces God gives us. We need to share with others our time, talent, and treasures. It is not just a nice saying…It is truth…Years ago I read a book by Dale Carnegie who interviewed rich people at the end of their lives. Not one of them said, “I wish I would have bought another house, or I wish I would have gotten a different car, or I wish I would have worked longer…” No, instead they say things like “I wish I would have spent more time with my family…I wish I would have told people I loved them more…I wish I would have just used my time better…” Our Blessed Lord in today’s gospel reminds us just how short life is. We need to build up treasures in Heaven where dust and moth do not corrupt. What are you doing for your soul? Are you praying for yourselves and others? Are you embracing the graces and sacraments of our Faith? Do you realize who you are in Christ? This week, let us dedicate all we are and all we have to our Lord.

Let us work for His kingdom and not our own vanity, and let us help others with mercy and forgiveness and try to get them to Heaven. If we do this then great will our reward be, and we will give our Lord diamonds instead of rocks…Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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