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The Nativity of our Lord - A Word about the Word

Throughout all of human history, there have been some great achievements. In the sciences, we have found cures for many diseases that once ravaged cities and towns. We have discovered new galaxies and star systems. We are now able to communicate around the world with lightning speed, and we have even landed a man on the moon. However, the greatest moment in the history of the world occurred in a tiny dugout cave on the outskirts of a little town called Bethlehem. It was here that eternity decided to step into time. The grand designer took on a design and the imageless God now had an image. It was here in this tiny space that the one who created the universe and all that is within it decided to become one of us. The one who had been predicted for thousands of years had finally arrived. He, who would conquer death, now was alive and dwelling with His people. Although he personally never wrote anything, except some scratching in the dirt, more books and magazines, and articles would be written about Him than any other person in history. His public ministry was only 3 ½ years, yet He would forever change the course of humanity. Our calendars and timelines would forever mark His birth. The Church that He would start would do more for the poor than all other human institutions. The university systems and scientific method all developed because of His Church. The arts and humanities would be funded and preserved for ages to come because of Him. Millions upon millions would be forever transformed by His teachings and sayings and countless holy men and women of God would dedicate their very lives to serving Him. Magnificent buildings and places of worship which show ingenuity and artistic grandeur would be erected all for the love of Him. More songs and music have been written for Him and to Him than anyone else. All of this took place in what we call the “Incarnation”. In a little dug-out, with a scrunched-up face and two little eyes peeping out from some swaddling clothes, a baby was born, the Holy Family was created and God dwelt among us. Now, for the first time, someone could look down and see Heaven looking up at them. Nothing would ever be the same again. Something to think about…and Merry Christmas to you all…

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