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The Twentieth Sunday In Ordinary Time - A Word About the Word

Sometimes I used to ponder what it would be like to be a Prophet in the Old Testament. I had grandiose visions of me as Moses or Isaiah or Daniel, and somehow I always seemed to resemble Charlton Heston… But I digress…In our first reading from Jeremiah, we learn that the life of a prophet was not an easy one. Many times the prophecies that were given were not only unpopular, but they often spoke of destruction or captivity. These were not “namby-pamby” prophecies and were often met with extreme displeasure by those receiving them. So it is with this passage in the life of Jeremiah. He is literally thrown into a cistern to die based on what he prophesied. However, through the intercession of a friend he is rescued. This is a lesson to us that being a Christian is not always fluffy clouds and harp music. Often times it is tough going and not easy. That is why we need to intercede for each other and lift each other up when needed. In our second reading from Hebrews, we have a great vision of the “Communion of Saints” which is part of our Catholic Faith. These “cloud of witnesses” in Heaven are interceding for us. We intercede for those going through purgation, or purgatory, and when they are purged they intercede for us. We never pray alone. There are Saints in Heaven praying for us. It is like a big circle of prayer. How cool is that! In the Gospel, our blessed Lord Jesus reminds us that there will be division in families over belief in Him. This is very true, yet we must stand strong and allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn in us. If we do this then our families and relationships will be filled with compassion, understanding, and love. So, this week let us pray for each other. Let us remember our friends in Heaven, and let the love of Jesus shine through our very actions…Then life will be good indeed…May God richly bless all of you…

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