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Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

This week’s readings have to do with blessings, graces and talents.  In the first reading from the book of Proverbs, we learn about the virtues of a good wife.  She is one who lifts up and completes her husband and is as precious as jewels.  Similar words could be said about a good husband, that he is one who uplifts, defends and fulfills his wife.  I learned these blessings first hand with my beautiful wife Karen.  She is my best friend, my confidant and her love strengthens me every day to become a better man.  I am blessed indeed!  This is what we have to do for each other. 

When God gives us a blessing or a grace or a talent, we are to use these things for Him and make them grow.  I am reminded of a recent television commercial which depicted one person doing an act of kindness for someone.  Then that person did an act of kindness for someone else and so on etc.

 A recent movie called this “Paying it forward”.  As Catholics we too are called to do this whenever we can as well.  It is not easy and it is definitely counter cultural, but so was our Lord Jesus. 

St. Paul reminds us to live as children of the light and be alert and sober.  Every time we go to Mass there are unlimited graces available to us.  The problem is we put up impediments in the way and most of the time it is our own attitudes or feelings and we don’t receive all that God has for us.  When we receive these graces through the Sacraments, we need to make them grow and use them to mature in our life with Jesus.  If we stop going to Mass and stop receiving the Sacraments what happens?  Pretty soon even the graces we once received are taken from us and we begin to fall away and lose our Faith little by little. 

This is what our Lord is telling us in this week’s Gospel.  Realize what God has done for you and gather as many graces as you can.  When you do amazing things will happen.  You will become virtuous like the good wife or husband.  You will be alert and awake like the child of light you are called to be, and finally you will mature as a Christian and many more graces will be added unto you.  Something to think about this week, and may God richly bless you always!

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