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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - year A

Did you know that in the early Church most Christians were Jewish and very few were Gentiles (or non-Jews)?  Today, most Christians are Gentiles and very few are Jewish.  I share this with you because of today’s readings which prophesy that all peoples will be welcomed into the house of the Lord and dwell on His holy mountain.  In our first reading the great Prophet Isaiah receives a vision of this actually happening hundreds of years before it took place.  I love when we can see prophecy fulfilled in our Church! Do you ever consider that you are entering into the “house of prayer” when you come in to worship?  Do we fully grasp how privileged we are to be able to worship and receive Eucharist especially in these times of the virus when many in our own country cannot? Oh, how truly blessed we are to have the ability to receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus.  Let us never take it for granted!

In our second reading St. Paul admits that he is the Apostle to the Gentiles and tells them of God’s great mercy. I believe this is the time of mercy in our world, and we should all remember the image given to St. Faustina where Divine Mercy is being poured out and the words “Jesus I Trust in You” is emblazoned. This should be our motto. 

Finally, in the Gospel we see a woman begging Jesus to heal her daughter. She comes from a region notorious for persecuting the Jews.  I am always fascinated by a mother’s love and persistence when it comes to helping their children.  It has been called the “Mamma Bear” attitude which means she will do all it takes, even pleading and begging and humiliating herself if there is any hope her child can be saved.  Our Blessed Lord sees this in her and that she is truly calling to Him from her heart.  No games, or platitudes or masks, just a plea for help and faith that Jesus can help her. Our Lord heals her daughter. Our lesson in all of this is that all are welcome to come to this house of prayer and that if we check our egos, our self-righteous attitudes and all of our disguises at the door, than we will receive graces from on high and the Lord will bless us mightily. Something to think about, maybe even as you're feeding your dog. May God richly bless you always!

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