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Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - year A

Sometimes as we go through our lives we can become complacent and lackadaisical when it comes to our Faith. We sometimes forget all that God has in store for us. In our first reading, the great prophet Isaiah has a spectacular vision of the mountain of the Lord. He sees that the Lord will provide all the best foods and choicest wines and the veil between God and man will be lifted. In theology we call this the “Beatific Vision.” We will be able to see God. The Prophet goes on and speaks of no more death or tears, God will wipe away the tears of every face. How cool is that! So often we spend our time thinking on worldly things and we get discouraged and depressed. Often as

Christians we go through life as if we have a mouth full of sour candy “Gummy Worms.” As St. Theresa of Avila said, “Don’t be a sour faced Saint.” If we are going through tough times, that is when we should crack open our Bibles and read verses like this to remind us of what awaits us who follow God. We need to refresh our vision and hope, and long for our time with our Lord. St. Paul tells us not to focus on worldly concerns but to find God in all situations. Whether we are well fed or not, whether we are rich or poor, no matter what circumstance we are in, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Let God handle the stresses and worries in our lives. Once we give it over to Him let us not keep trying to take it back! We move on and we do it through Christ Jesus.

In our Gospel, our blessed Lord tells a story again to the chief priests and elders. He is always trying to get through to them and to get past their legalistic mind sets. Here is the story of a wedding feast thrown by a king. As in the past parables, the servants are mistreated, so the king invites whoever can be found to the feast. This is another example of God turning the people over to their own desires and the feast being given to others. So, this week, let us answer God’s invitation and follow His commandments and teachings. Let us be adaptable to all the situations in our lives, and finally let us renew our strength and hope and think on good things that will uplift us and help us all climb the mountain of the Lord. Something to think about. May God richly bless all of you!

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