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Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

There are times when we read the scriptures and we may think to ourselves, “That’s not fair” or “gee it seems that Jesus is being unjust.”  We try to put our own opinions on the readings and this can lead us into error.  The reason is stated in our first reading from the great prophet Isaiah.  He tells us that we need to seek God’s ways and thoughts because His ways are above ours and His thoughts are not like ours, they are beyond our comprehension. 

St. Paul recognizes the battle between our flesh and spirit and reminds us to live for Christ.  He urges us to conduct ourselves in a way worthy of the gospel.  This is not so easy to do.  I know that I often fall short and get caught up in the cares and concerns of the world and far too often forget to seek God’s wisdom in what I am doing. 

Our blessed Lord Jesus gives us a parable that sums this up.  (Remember that a parable is a story with many deep meanings).  On the surface of this parable we may agree with the workers in the field who have been working hard all day yet get paid the same amount as those who worked only a couple of hours.  Our mind may say “hey, that’s not fair!”  However our Lord always challenges us.  One way to look at this parable is to think about the Catholic life.  At the end of the day we are promised graces and the reward of eternal life with our Lord in Heaven.  Some of us were born “cradle Catholics” and have been faithful all of our lives.  Others like myself, are converts and came to the “field” later in life, and some will join the Church even later than that.  Yet all of us are promised the same reward of Heaven if we follow the Lord.  His ways are not our ways and thank goodness otherwise we all would receive something different, and according to what mankind thought was fair.  Our Lord takes us higher.  We are called to be super-natural people and to seek out His ways, not our own.  So, this week take some time to see where you are in the Field.  Ask God to open your understanding and to open your heart to His voice in whatever you are doing.  Then, by following His wisdom, ways and commandments, at the end of the day, you too will receive your just wage, eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Something to think on. May God richly bless you this day and always!

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