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Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The readings this week are very powerful indeed. In our first reading from the book of Wisdom, we are given a Messianic prophecy that if someone claims to be the son of God, then let us test him, prove his gentleness and patience and perhaps even put him to a shameful death. If he is the son of God, then God will defend Him. This is a tough prophecy written during a time when there were many false prophets and so called messiahs. Yet even these words written hundreds of years prior, would be fulfilled by our Blessed Lord Jesus.

The second reading is from our good friend St. James. I love St. James because he does not mince words. He is not afraid to speak it forth. He tells us that we have wars raging inside us created by our own passions. He tells us that we long for things we cannot have and that we actually “ask wrongly” for things. Sometimes people think that God does not hear their prayers. This is not true! Sometimes the answer is simply no, or not yet. Why? Because God is a loving Father who knows what is best for His children. If my young grandson wants to play in the street, I have to tell him no, not because I am restricting his freedom or stifling his expression, but because I don’t want him to become a hood ornament or be hurt. It is the same with God. Sometimes we ask for things that we think are very good and that we want badly, but He knows what is best and may simply say no or not now, because we are not ready for it and it may cause us harm in the long run. We are imposing our will instead of asking for God’s.

The Gospel follows up on this theme as Jesus tries to explain the Passion and

Resurrection He will soon undergo. The apostles don’t want to hear this and are confused. Our Lord eases their tension with the help of a small child on His lap, teaching them to receive His words as one receives a child, which is with trust and certainty, and not doubt and fear. So, this week let us ask for God’s will to be done and not our own. Let us offer up our passions and sins to Him, and let us remember that there cannot be a resurrection without the cross. That’s how much He loves you…Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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