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Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

Sometimes it is not easy to be a Catholic Christian in today’s secular world.  We are bombarded with all kinds of garbage on TV, in movies and in our culture.  When I am instructing new parents for Baptism preparation I will tell them how proud I am that they are willing to pass on their Faith to their little ones and to not be afraid to say that they believe and stand for something in a world that often falls for anything.  Our society has become so secularized that even to say you are a Catholic may draw some strange looks. 

Today’s readings are about these very situations.  Jeremiah laments as he gives warning after warning to his people who have become stiff necked and have fallen away from God.  His messages were not fluffy, let’s hold hands and sing “Kum By Ya” words.  They were hard hitting and not watered down.  St. Paul tells us not to conform to this age but to be transformed.  Finally, our blessed Lord Jesus tells us that we must all carry our crosses daily and follow Him.  We don’t like to hear this.  We want things soft and easy.  We don’t want to rock the boat.  Yet sometimes the boat needs to be rocked.  We are called to be super–natural people.  We must utilize the power of the Holy Spirit and rise above our base instincts and worldly attitudes.  We must be on guard over our senses and be careful what we allow to be seen by our eyes and what we allow to come into our ears. 

Our world needs us to shine our lights and to be a beacon for those stumbling in the dark.  I encourage teens and others who may have a good Catholic education to share what they have learned with other kids who may not know the Faith in our formation programs.  I need them to reach kids that otherwise may never be reached.  It is time to bolster our morals and principals and share the truths of the Catholic Faith.  It is not easy, nor will it be popular, especially in a world full of fluff.  God has chosen you.  He has personally called you to be His child and to defend the Church and share your Faith.  So, this week, put the army boots on. Roll up your sleeves and carry your cross.  Promote, love and defend the Faith, and ask yourself, “what can I do for the Church”? Something to think on and may God richly bless you always

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