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Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

Growing up in the late sixties and seventies, I loved listening to folk music and singers who told stories like Harry Chapin or Carole King, Jim Croce and Simon and Garfunkel.  They had a way of combining words and music to share a very profound thought or idea all while telling a story.  I share this with you because in today’s readings we hear songs and parables; we speak of vineyards and kingdoms, and even touch on anxiety and peace.  It is a literal cornucopia of subjects to enter into. 

In our first reading we hear a parable in the form of a song.  The great prophet Isaiah tells us a story song.  It is about a vineyard that was planted, however it only produced wild grapes which were no good for wine.  The owner of the vineyard did all he could and planted the very best vines, tilled the soil, and did everything correctly.  He may have even “Googled” to see how to plant a vineyard. (just kidding!)  All he could produce were wild grapes, and ultimately the owner allowed the vineyard to fall into ruin.  This is a good story song for all of us as well.  How often has God done great things in our lives and instead of being grateful and thankful, we went wild and did our own thing, and turned away from the one who plants in the soil of our hearts.  We need to uproot the sins in our lives and be made anew.  This is not easy.  It is never easy to uproot or raze things to the ground and start over, yet we need to examine our fruit for the Lord and see if we are doing our His will or our own. 

In our second reading St. Paul gives us some great words.  He tells us to think about beautiful things and not to worry or be anxious.  I know that I can worry about anything if given the chance.  Too often for me the glass is not half full or empty, but cracked and leaking all over the table!  We all need to transform our thoughts and think about good things.  Our days will be much more enjoyable if we do. 

Our Lord tells a story of wicked tenants running a vineyard, and who kill those sent by the owner, they even kill the owner’s son.  This represents the prophets, and our own Lord Jesus and His teachings.  The people chose not to listen to what God was saying.  Question:  Do we take time to listen to God? To read His words, or are we to busy to care?  So, this week take time to examine your own fruit for the Lord.  Don’t worry so much and think on good things.  Finally listen to the words of the Lord and make them as a song in your heart. It will do you good. Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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