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A Word About the Word

The Name of Jesus – 4/22/18

Did you ever notice that there is incredible power in the Name of Jesus?  Let me give you an example.  Suppose you are at work or at school and the subject of religion comes up.  People love to talk about God in a somewhat generic sense.  However, if you mention the name of Jesus or say that “you believe in Jesus”, then people start to whisper about you being one of “those Jesus freaks” or a “religious fanatic”, simply because you used the name Jesus.  Here is another example.  Suppose you are driving down the road and someone cuts you off, or you accidentally smash your thumb with a hammer.  (more…)

Reconciliation – 4/15

Have you ever done something that later on you really regretted?  I am sure all of us have.  This week’s readings are a great comfort for those of us who have goofed up royally and made bad decisions during our lifetime.  In the first reading from the exciting book of Acts, Peter is relaying not only that Jesus was the long awaited messiah of the Jews, but that the people to whom he is speaking participated in putting this Righteous One to death.  Upon hearing Peter’s words, the people are convicted and want forgiveness for what they did they did in ignorance.  Peter tells them to repent and convert that their sins may be wiped away.  St. John follows this train of thought by telling us that Jesus died for us.  The sinless one took on our sins and loved us enough pay the price for our disobedience by offering up His own life. (more…)


One of the things I love about being Catholic is the mystical aspects that are found all throughout the history of our Church.  We are a people of miracles.  The fact alone that our Church has stood the test of time for over 2,000 years itself is a miracle.  As a convert I was always fascinated by the apparitions of our Lady and the mystical visions of our various Saints.  The reason I write all this is that today, along with celebrating the Octave of Easter, we also acknowledge something called Divine Mercy Sunday.  Now divine mercy is both old and new.  We hear of it often in the Old Testament from the promises made to Moses, that our God is a God of mercy.  Many times in the history of God’s people, the nation of Israel fell away or was led into captivity due to their sins, and then they would plead for God’s mercy and return to Him.  Our blessed Lord Jesus often spoke of the mercy of God and that we could turn to God as children turning to their Father.  (more…)

Palm Sunday – 3/23

Today is one of my favorite days of the whole year.  It is Palm Sunday, and that means that Holy week is about to start. Yeah Baby!  I can feel the excitement in the air as Resurrection glory waits just around the corner.  However, In order to rejoice in the Resurrection, we all have to journey through the Crucifixion and Passion of our Lord.  It is not easy as we reflect on our own sins and on the Love that God Almighty had for us by taking on flesh and dwelling among us.  (more…)

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