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Cathedral of St. Helena
Repairs & Restoration

The Cathedral of St. Helena is undergoing a major exterior restoration. The soaring red spires will be repaired, reroofed, and the exterior of the Cathedral will receive some much needed attention.


It's important to note that these repairs are not just cosmetic but imperative to the structural integrity of the our Cathedral Church.

...And so it begins! The scaffolding went up late July and early August. 

The scaffolding stands 172 feet tall with 25 levels.
Only the south entrance on Warren Street is closed. The Great Doors (center) and the north doors remain open and operational.
Crews are repairing damage caused by the 1935 Earthquake and weather damage with reinforcing helical bars ("Helibars").
The cleaning and care of the limestone exterior is part of the restoration. 
Each original tile will be removed, numbered, and catalogued in order to be replaced in exactly the same spot.

Due to seismic activity and weather, the tiles had been detaching. They are being reattached with stainless steel nails, adhesives, and other building materials that will allow them to withstand hurricane force winds!
The original wood can be seen at the top of the spire where the cross is attached. The wood that the crews have uncovered so far is in excellent condition--even after 100 years.
The crosses stand at 192 feet.

The crosses at the top of the spires are copper and the gold gilding has peeled away. 

They will be re-guilded and restored to former glory!

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