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Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time - Year C

In today’s readings we learn some farming terms. Now I was raised back East, and I did not grow up on a farm so when I would see these terms in Sacred Scripture I often pictured them incorrectly.

Today we learn about Yokes. Not Yolks like egg yolks, but yokes that are designed for animals to be able to bear heavy burdens like plowing fields and such. In our first reading, Elijah is getting ready to depart from this life and passes his yoke, or mantle onto the shoulders of Elisha, who would now be known as a prophet of the Most High God. In the second reading St. Paul tells us that sin can make us a slave and we often fall under the yoke of sin. Remember that yokes impair mobility and are often a burden. This is what sin does in our souls. It restricts our freedom to be who we are truly called to be in Christ and ultimately it begins to master us and we become slaves to sin which can often lead to spiritual death. In the Gospel, our blessed Lord gives us the answer. He tells us not to look back. Once we have been delivered from the yokes of bondage and set free in Christ, we need to put the sinfulness and wickedness that was once a part of us now firmly behind us. Our Lord Jesus encourages us to walk anew with Him and not to desire the things we were once slaves to. It is not easy. Moses was able to lead the people out of Egypt, but it took years and years to get the Egypt out of the people! So it is with us. Every day we must repent and ask God to keep us free from the sins that once held us captive. Please remember that you have been set free and created anew creature in Christ. So this week, take some time to thank God for all He has delivered you from, and keep looking straight ahead for the best is yet to come.

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