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Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: A Word about the Word

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sometimes power and authority is very useful, and sometimes they can be misused. Today’s readings challenge us to look deeply at ourselves and those things for which we might be responsible for. When I was growing up, my father would say “now take your time and do it the right way first. Then you won’t have to do it again”. I often think that sometimes we get so involved in our routines, that we don’t think about what it is we are actually doing. In this week’s Gospel, our blessed Lord tells a parable of a dishonest steward who finds out he is too be fired. He is worried that he will have no job and people will not accept him. So he decides to steal from the master by telling people to only pay back a portion of what they owe. He does this so that the people will like him. He steals from the master because he wants to be liked, admired and respected. This is a powerful story. I know in my own life I have to ask myself have I stolen from the Master in order to be liked? Were there times when I did not share about Jesus because I feared what people would think? Did I say and do things to be popular, rather than to tell people the truth even when I knew it would be difficult for them to hear? At times did I put on one “face” in public, and another one in private? If I truly look deeply, I would have to say yes to all of these questions. That is why our Lord told this story. So that all of us would look at our lives and start to see where we might be stealing from the Master. Jesus has given us so many graces and gifts to take care of. Each one of us has been given something unique from God, a talent or a gift to use and share with others. Are we using them? Are we burying them? Do we take half and give God only a portion? Or are we giving it all back to our Lord? St. Paul tells us to pray for each other, especially the leaders and those in charge. So, this week, let us look at our gifts, talents, and graces and ask ourselves honestly “Are we stealing from the Master?”…Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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