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Word about the Word-11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (6/18/23)

Today is a day when we honor our fathers. It is a great time to spend with family and friends. It is a time to share memories, awkward ties, and even slightly overcooked barbeques. However, it is also a time to remember God the Father. Now what I am about to write may offend some people. That’s okay; people need to be offended once in a while. Let me start by saying that God is not male, and is not female. God is not a thing or a force or a feeling. God simply IS… He tells Moses that He is “I AM WHO AM”. Not I am who was…or I am who will be…but I AM. He is ever present, right now, He IS. Now many of you have noticed that I use the term “He”. If God is not male or female than what is the scoop? When God revealed Himself by being manifested in the flesh, He came as a Man and His name is Jesus. This is nothing against women. It is simply what happened. When Jesus referred to God; He referred to Him as “FATHER”. In Hebrew it is “AbbaHenu”. Literally: “THE FATHER”. He also refers to God as “ABBA” or “Daddy”. He is very intimate in His expressions. We should not be offended by any of this. In recent years there have been movements to say that Jesus was everything from a space alien on another world to a mythological character like Zeus. Some even say that He was not God at all but just a really good guy; some people were denying He was a male at all! All I can say is “OY VEY”. I never thought I would live to see this happen in 2023. Look, Heresies are nothing new. They pop up every now and again and are usually packaged in heresies already disproved and condemned by the Church. If Jesus calls God “Father” and He encourages us to do the same, then that is what I am going to do. So this week as we honor our physical fathers, let us take some time to honor God the Father and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. If we do these things, then God will be honored, our families will be blessed and perhaps our steaks and burgers will actually turn out perfect! Something to think about…May God richly bless you always…

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