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Feast of the Holy Family - Year B

Today we are celebrating the Holy Family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are the members of this family. There are many writings about Jesus and Mary, yet so few on Joseph. Did you know that he never speaks a word in the New Testament? His role must have been difficult. Imagine trying to teach the creator of the universe how to cut a board or pound in a nail. When our blessed Savior entered into humanity, He was both fully divine and fully human. He was not a mere apparition going through the motions of humanity. He was a living breathing being who experienced life fully from infancy to death and even resurrection. That is incredible when you think about it.

Sometimes we have such a “pie in the sky” idea of Jesus, that He is practically walking three feet off the ground. He experienced life. That means teething, nursing, playing, working and even dying. He did this so we could never say to God “you don’t know what I am going through”. He does know because He went through it too. Our blessed Lord also was taught how to read and write and learned about God, so much so that He became a Rabbi. He had to study to do that.

It is here that I would like to remind all parents that educating your children about the Faith begins with you. If you do not pray, chances are very good your child will not pray either. If you don’t go to Reconciliation or Mass, your children most likely won’t go either. As the Director of Faith Formation here at the Cathedral, I can have the best teachers and programs in the world, but we only have one or two hours a week with your child. It is up to you as their primary teachers to share with them the Faith. So, this week in honor of the Holy Family, how about going as a family to reconciliation? Or reading a Bible passage together, or spending some time together in prayer. Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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