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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Sometimes being in ministry is not easy. At first we are often all fired up and excited to be serving the Lord. However, as time ticks by, the enthusiasm begins to wane as we settle into a routine, that can sometimes be devoid of the first fire and zeal we once felt. In our first reading from the great prophet Ezekiel, he is given the task of preaching to the Israelites who have not heeded God’s words and are now in captivity in Babylon.

Ezekiel is the first prophet to receive the prophecy of God outside of the Promised Land. He was a Priest and told by God that he would be given the words and the authority to speak in His name. It is very hard to try to share God’s words to people who close their ears and do not want to hear.

I am sure many of us have encountered people like this, possibly even in our own families. We can feel like we are talking to a wall. If you have raised teenagers, you know this feeling. Anyway, St. Paul gives us words of encouragement that even if we have been given a “thorn in the flesh”, in our lives, we need to trust in Christ Jesus, for we are extremely powerful in our weakness.

Why is this so? I believe it is because when we are weak or hurting, we tend to be real with God. I remember speaking with Police officers who would tell me that people are the most honest in the moments right after an accident or event, because the incident is still fresh in their minds. So it is with us. If we are suffering or hurting there are no more masks or games played. It is then in our weaknesses that our prayers become incredibly powerful because we are identifying with Christ on His cross.

We serve a God who knows the frailty and weaknesses of being Human, and thus we are made strong in Him who gives us strength. Our Blessed Lord Himself encountered problems speaking in His own home town. The people thought they knew Him, they had seen Him grow up. Sometimes our own friends and families are the hardest to convince of the love and mercy of God which we long to share. Why? Because they know us and in this supposed familiarity, they have judged us and therefore will not listen. Such was the case with our Lord.

So what do we do? We pray for them. We fast for them. We keep our cup filled so when the thirsty world needs a drink, we are there with the libation of salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord. So, this week let us accept our trials and mix them with our prayers and do battle in the Heavens, for in our weakness we are made strong. Something to think about. May God richly bless you always!

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