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Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

This week’s readings are all about how we treat others. When we hear these words, we often have a negative reaction as it sounds like a list of “do’s and don’ts”. Do we ever think of Commandments as a blessing? Our God loves us so much that not only did He humble Himself to become one of us; He humbled Himself still further to provide us with His Eucharistic presence. But it does not end there. All through the history of humanity, God has wanted the very best for His children. So in the midst of pagan and strange and bizarre beliefs, our God gave us certain commandments. Not to beat us over the head, but as a means to attain what we were made for. Holiness. We are to be a supernatural people, who are radical and different, chosen if you will to be the light to the world. We are called out to help the rest of humanity get to Heaven and to enjoy their life here on Earth. We cannot do this on our own, so God in His infinite wisdom gave us guidelines to help us. Any loving parent does the same for their children as they want the best for those they love. So does our Lord.

The Gospel is a perfect reflection of today’s society. We live in a culture of people who don’t stand for anything and often fall for everything. Sadly, they change with the wind, and when those winds are mixed with our sinful inclinations, we are led astray and into ruin. Jesus wants us to build our lives on His commandments and His Church teachings, on the Rock! How we forgive is how we will be forgiven. How we judge is how we will be judged. We need to have roots planted in Christ! Do you know that the word ‘radical’ means to be well rooted, deep in the soil? To help us with this He gives us three things.

First: Sacred Scripture – Remember we were a Church before the Bible was written. We put it together. Therefore we should learn and know it so we can share it with others and defend our Faith. Second: Sacred Tradition – Since our Church is older than the New Testament, we have the Sacred Tradition of the Apostles passed on to us orally and in writing. Finally, we have the Magisterium: This is the teaching office of the Church. It provides us with the Catechism and helps us to understand our Faith in a fuller and more profound way. These three components are all part of the Rock that Jesus wants us to build upon. So this week, blow the dust off of that Catechism you have on the shelf. Turn to the index and look up something you never knew before, and you will be making a surer foundation for yourselves and your families. May God richly bless you always…

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