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The Assumption of Our Lady - Year B

Do you remember the movie “Raiders of the Ark”? It was a very popular movie with Indiana Jones as the hero. In that movie, the Ark of the Covenant is depicted. Use that image in your mind. The Ark was very special. It was very holy and God gave explicit instructions on how it was to be built and carried. Only the priests could touch it anyone else would be struck down.

Inside the Ark were the Ten Commandments, a bowl of Manna, and the rod of Aaron used to part the Red Sea. The Ark could win battles for armies that possessed it. It could kill a person on the spot if they even tried to steady it. Lastly, when King David recovered the Ark, he danced in the streets.

Now if the Ark was so powerful that it could win battles, kill people and even make the king dance all because the items in the Ark were fashioned by the finger of God. Think about this, how much more holy would the actual “finger of God” be? Not just the finger, but the hand, and the legs and the body, and how much more holy of a vessel would you need to carry the actual “body” of God. It would have to be spotless and holy.

This is the Blessed Virgin Mary. That is why she is called the “Ark of the New Covenant”. How cool is that! She was created free from the stain of original sin so that when God took on flesh, it was her flesh He took on. Jesus had Mary’s DNA! Today we celebrate the Assumption of our Lady.

Today’s readings speak of an Ark in Heaven being opened. Inside, there is no Manna, no 10 commandments as in the old Ark, nor is there the Eucharist which is in our Tabernacles. Instead there is found a Woman clothed with the Sun…Our Church believes this to be a sign not only of the Virgin Mary, but of the Catholic Church as well, always giving life to it’s children. So this week try saying a Rosary and honoring our Lady, the new Ark of the Covenant. May God richly bless you always!

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