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Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

How do we live out our Faith? This is the theme in this week’s readings. Each one is a challenge to us. They are inviting us to break free from our mediocre relationship with God and burst forth with something new and alive. In our first reading from Isaiah we have a glimpse of the “suffering servant” prophecies concerning the Messiah. Here the great prophet reminds us to trust in God. Allowing Him to be our shield and stronghold instead of trying to do it all ourselves. We need to trust in God, but often times we have

been wounded and our trust levels are weak. That is why we must rise above our past and enter into the super – natural, and trust in God as a young child trusts in their parents' embrace.

Our second reading from St. James challenges us to let people see our Faith through the way we live life. This is not as easy. People are quick to judge and often times we fall short. St. Francis of Assisi, it is said, used to say “Preach the Gospel, and

sometimes use words”. Let me ask a provocative question here: If someone were to watch how you lived for one week, would they see your Christianity shining through or would they see someone more attached to the things of the world then the things of God? Something to think about…

Finally, the Gospel cuts us to the quick. It asks us if we truly believe in Jesus and would we be willing to give up our own wills and perhaps even our lives for our Faith. It is one thing to go to Church and sing and smile etc. But what about the rest of the week? Do we spend time with God? So, this week take some time to truly reflect on where you are with God. What is your Faith truly like and how can you make it better…Things to think on…May God richly bless all of you… ReplyReply allForward

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